Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Most important letter on a diet


Well actually spelled WHY.

Your big "why" will determine whether you will be able to withstand the doubts and stay the course till you have reached your goal. So have you thought about why you want to lose weight?

The more reasons you have and the more compelling they are the more likely you are to keep on the straight and narrow.

So I suggest that you get an index card and start to list your reasons why you must lose the weight now. Do not leave anything out.

Would you like to see my WHY card ?

More energy,Clearer head ( sugar zombie ), More confidence, Look good, Lower blood pressure, Make more money, Feel happier, Live longer, Stop cravings, Fitting better in an airline seat, No knee pain, No joint pain, More stamina

By the way this is something better done off the computer, yes write it with a good old pen. Then start reading it out loud several times a day.

Next time that craving hits you will start to think "why eat this and loose all these potential benefits".

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