Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Improving your memory

The one thing I could never forget was how bad my memory was

The old Neil was someone who forgot where he left the car keys as well as why he went to the grocery store in the first place. Even worse than that was the names that I was always forgetting. This problem was starting to be a source of embarrassment and was probably losing me business to boot. Even my friends told me " you need help improving your memory ".

Good news can happen fast

When I started searching for information about improving my memory I began to realize that it would not take long to significantly improve my memory. In fact it was really about learning a few memory tips and techniques so that I would remember all those things that I had been forgetting. Some of the tips was merely a change in attitude.

Change your mind and change your life

The most important feature of changing any habit is to first have the right attitude about improving. What is often called "The Law of Attraction", because we attract what we think about, can change out lives. So I changed my negative self talk about how bad my memory and replaced it with a positive thought pattern about my memory getting better every day.

This one factor of better expectations made memorizing peoples names much easier. That is because is most names we forget are actually names that we never where are aware of when we heard them the first time. So by simply becoming aware and using visualization techniques I was able to vastly improve my memory. My visualization technique was to think of the persons name in a funny and entertaining way.

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