Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is The Flat Belly Diet an Atkins Option ?

The abdomen is one of major trouble spots on the body according to our mirrors and our bathing suits. Who wouldn’t want a sexy midriff to show off in the summer time? This diet is designed to help you lose that hard to reach belly fat without doing any crunches.

This diet was developed mainly for women. Getting a tight midsection is hard for women particularly after childbirth. Part of regaining your body is to lose the belly fat.

Here are some of the basics of this diet program. The Flat Belly diet hits both types of body fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcu fat is the type that everyone sees on your body or over the top of your pants. Visceral fat accumulates on your organs and can cause health problems just like too much of the obvious fat.

Many women experience bloating issues. During the menstrual cycle it’s the worst. You’d think you swallowed a beach ball some days. Getting rid of excess gas and fluid is not easy without pills. The Flat Belly diet teaches you to deflate using food choices.

Begin your journey to a flatter belly with the 4-Day jumpstart program. Some people have lost as much as seven pounds during this introduction phase. Food choices include those that help reduce the bloat and Sassy Water which is a signature drink created for the plan to hydrate your body and soothe the GI tract. You’ll drink a recipe of Sassy Water every day.

During the jumpstart phase you’ll be told what foods to avoid that are causing you to have a bigger belly and bloating. The main culprit is salt. Salt, or sodium, is a natural substance found in the body. Too much of it and the tissues retain more water for balance.

Eating too many carbohydrates like donuts, bagels, and other processed sweets irritate the intestinal tract. Even raw veggies can do it. Cooked veggies take up less room in your system. Gum and gassy foods are also avoided. Any foods that make you swell up or swallow air work against you.

The guidelines are simple. You eat a total of four 400 calorie meals a day every four hours. One snack is allowed either in the morning or in the evening. Each meal has to include a measure of monounsaturated fats. Fruit smoothies with belly flattening ingredients are a great tasting snack.

The diet also advocates exercise. Exercise is one half of any eating program and keeps the body in shape. You don’t have to do crunches but there are other stomach trimming exercises to make those muscles strong to complement your new flatter belly.

This has become a popular diet plan. The foods you eat are nutritious for the entire body. Some vegetables are eliminated because of gassy properties but there are enough included to satisfy daily requirements.

Give this plan a try. At the least you will be getting healthier and losing weight. At most, you will have found a sort of Holy Grail for women who struggle with the belly fat pooch.

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