Friday, January 21, 2011

10,000 Steps to Great Health

Everybody wants to be as healthy as they can but not every person has the time to try and do the required amount of exercise to get there. This is one of the reasons that this ten thousand step system has become famous. The ten thousand step system is founded on the idea that walking ten thousand steps every day can help you get healthy-that it helps cut down on the amount of time you have to spend at the gym. Walking is a great, low impact, workout. How often have you over heard a physician say "just a single walk around the block helps your health"?

Obviously, getting in ten thousand steps each day is going to be challenging. That's a whole lot! Thankfully, you're probably taking lots of steps every single day and just don't know it. All you need to do is learn how to add in a couple or few thousand extra steps to succeed in this goal. So how can you do that without feeling like you're spending the entire day walking about?

Increasing the step count can be done easily using these obvious methods. One classic example of this can be climbing the stairs instead of taking an elevator or escalator. Parking at the far end in the parking lot is additionally advisable at the mall or the store. You may also simply run all of your purchases out to the car or truck once you buy them instead of carting them around from store to store as you shop and take care of your errands. Using public transportation is great for increasing your step count since you have to walk to the bus stop and back instead of just to and from the car. Obviously, just getting a short walk each day is also recommended.

You could also increase the volume of steps you take by using some less than obvious methods. Order your current shopping list in another way. Plenty of individuals organize lists by the aisles in their preferred stores. Organize your list in groups including dairy, meat, produce, snacks, etc. Then get every item in the order that it is shown on your list. You might find yourself making a number of trips back and forth across the store, but it is a great way to raise your step count. Put your mail box on a post along at the curb as an alternative to on your door or in your wall. This can easily add at least one or two dozen steps to your count when you check the mail everyday.

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